Tuesday Girls at it again

Four Foxy Ladies with Lizzy it was such a great day with the girls. 
                                 Had lunch at the Fox and Hound it was great, we just laugh and laugh
                                   so much fun.


Family Christmas get together

My Grand Daughter Holly showing us what she does at Gym

My Family having lunch what a shame the hole family couldn't make it....

Holly and Nanny in the pool no one else would hop in because it
was raining .CHICKENS
The water was so warm you could have a bath in it; I did asked my
Sister for some soap no way she said ....

Helen's 70th Birthday Tuesday Girls Out having Fun

Sandi and Teresa at Helen's High Tea for her 70th Birthday.

Helen doing her Pole Dancing can't control her sometimes HAHA.

Presents from Sandi  Christmas Candles so cute.

Helen opening her Birthday Present's from us Beautiful Girls .....

Just had so much Fun and Laughs that day I always do on Tuesday.......


Sunday Stitches Christmas Party

Sunday Stitches great Santa Swap from Marilyn and gifts from everyone....
Such a fun day with lots of Laughs....

Having Photo with Santa Clause

Tuesday Girls having our Photo taken with Santa Clause